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Our expert team

Meet the People behind

Aphrodite Drossou
Co-Founder / Business Services

Finance, Tax and Audit Manager.
Business (and executive) coach accredited by ICF
Adult educator accredited by EKPA

Pericles Ananiadis
Co-Founder / IT Services

Banking, Mobile & Web testing expert. Project Management of medium-large scale projects.

Nikos Koutoupis

Executive Coach. Former Vice-president of 3 Fortune 500 companies, New York offices.

Nikos Tsomakos

Qualified and accomplished internal audit manager with more than 14 years of experience and successful track record of handling internal control operations.

Our IT Services

Technology is changing our world in an increasing pace, and businesses are being pressed to provide more and more digital services. In this growing environment, quality assurance and testing should be an integral part of the life cycle of your products. We provide you with expert Testing services, covering a wide area of businesses and needs. Whatever the case, we are able to deliver.

Software Testing

We are working together with you to design Quality Assurance and present effective and optimized Testing techniques. Using skilled people, proven processes and modern testing tools, we can enhance the quality of your software.

Automation Testing

With our automated software testing we can help you optimize software quality by verifying basic / frequent operations. We can assist you achieving higher levels of test automation and deliver tangible results.

IT Consulting

Goal change, activities expansion, strategic direction modification - are some of the changes your business needs to move forward and cope with market challenges. Our long experience in the field ensures the best course of change.

Cyber Security Testing

With Cyber Security Testing, we evaluate the security of your apps and your online data. This method simulates malicious use that aims to exploit security gaps to highlight system vulnerabilities.

Intranet Portals

We help your company manage its data, applications, and information more easily through personalized views. Our portal solutions are able to integrate your existing applications and increase collaboration between work groups.

Performance Testing

Performance problems early detection greatly reduces application support costs as repairing production problems has enormous costs. At the same time, it significantly increases its credibility to end users.

Our IT-based Optimization Process

We operate a multibranch approach on Reports & Processes streamlining through an organization’s departments, Financial and Tax remodeling through Digitalization, IT Systems and Data refinement and Personnel Engagement methodologies.
As a result, we offer minimization of errors, omittances and blame game situations, development of a better work environment, as well as an increase of productivity, personnel effectiveness, top line (revenue) and bottom line (cost control).

Processes & Reports

  • Unhide performance gaps, internal procedures weaknesses, problematic information channels and bottlenecks
  • Re-engineer departmental processes
  • Redefine roles & responsibilities and provide reworked realistic targets and KPIs
  • Finance & Tax

  • Examine the current tax situation and eliminate any uncovered errors
  • Identify & develop areas of financial improvement
  • Achieve better Management & Control via Digitalization
  • IT Systems & Data

  • IT systems consultation according to company targets & growth
  • Suggestions for cost-cutting open source alternatives
  • Design & Implement in-house reporting for all departments' needs
  • Personnel Engagement

  • Identify training needs and effectively implement education plan
  • Identify points of improvement of the working environment
  • Trigger a coaching approach environment and create a change-capable workforce
  • Skills Building

    We offer 4 empowered workshops as well as one-to-one coaching sessions, to cover both individual & company needs.

    Agile for Non-ITs

    12 hrs /3 DAYS

    • While Agile became well-known as a software development framework, it has been adapted to other sectors with great results. This workshop is structured to understand agile by first analyzing the values and principles of an effective agile team. In the meantime, it will introduce you to the most popular agile school of thought: Scrum, XP, Lean and Kanban. You will learn their basic application in a way that you can put in place on your team today.

    Testing for Developers

    16 hrs /4 DAYS

    • This course is aimed at analysts, programmers and software development professionals. Participants will learn how to transform transactions to test steps, define entry and exit criteria and execute them as a test scenario. It will help them perform a better unit testing and find bugs earlier in the project timeline. The course is followed by a workshop where the participants explore and experience testing practices via a hands-on approach.

    Excel for Non-ITs

    8 hrs /2 DAYS

    • This course is adressed to professionals who have very little functional knowledge of excel. They will learn to organise, manipulate data and use standard spreadsheet functions. It it often combined with the Advanced module for professionals who use excel regularly and wish to enhance their skills. The Advanced module is designed to give a working knowledge of excel with the aim of using it for more advanced topics in business.

    Team coaching

    16 hrs /4 DAYS

    • A team is a selection of people aimed at a common purpose with defined roles and identifiable goals. Teams are expected to deliver results. Many teams, over time, succumb to internal pressures and conflicts. This workshop applies a team norming process by focusing the team in the same direction, supporting and provoking team members in a constructive manner, creating an environment that targets solutions, driving in making decisions about the level of responsibility of each member.

    One-to-One Coaching

    • One to one performance coaching covering two types of needs, development and corrective needs to many different corporate situations.
      Start-ups: Provide coaching while producing results. Transforming owner’s idea into real and measurable goals.
      Small or fast-growing businesses: Develop skills to manage larger businesses and the growing number of people needed to be employed.
      During times of organizational change, a requirement for significant behavior and attitude shift is necessary for some employees in order to fit in with new structures or cultures.
      Changes in job role: New position that requires different skills and abilities.
      Developing the skills of valuable technical experts: while certain employees have high levels of specific skills and experience, it may be appropriate to improve/develop some of their other skills (interpersonal/managerial).
      Future leaders or senior executives: may be hesitant to attend a training course as they may feel that they should already have the skills and expertise. Coaching is a confidential, personal and safe development option. It is a common secret that all accomplished and successful leaders have personal business coaches.
      Already having a specific goal, the coach can lead through the 6 steps to its fulfilment: (i) goal analysis (ii) action plan preparation (iii) tasks prioritization (iv) actions implementation (v) progress monitoring (vi) right mindset creation.
      Although a standard circle of coaching sessions averages to 10 h/ 2 months, individual details may alter the needed time and sessions.

    • The most popular reasons for a one to one performance coaching session
      Time management & productivity boost
      Prioritization & effectiveness within strict deadlines
      Leadership characteristics
      Group conflict management & feedback process
      Overcome self-doubt & recover self confidence
      Work life balance
      Obstructive thinking styles sabotaging your goals
      Reveal your personal principles and reinvent your life

    Our Professional Engagements

    We provide our expert services across a wide range of Business. Our areas of engagement include:

    Software Houses
    HealthCare & Pharmaceuticals

    Latest Tips

    Read our expert's advices.

    Agile toolbox – Daily Stand-up timer

    One team I was working with repeatedly decided that they should really limit the Daily Stand – up meeting to 15 minutes, but never succeeded to accomplish it. One day I placed my tablet on a small table (that happened to be positioned in front of the wall) and started a timer. I didn’t explain why.
    That simple thing made everyone slightly more focused and avoided a lot of detail derailing. And voilà! As if the tablet held a secret superpower, the Daily Stand -up meetings most of the times finished well below 15 mins.

    Note: The goal of the Daily Stand – up meeting is of course not to finish within 15 minutes, it is to figure out how we as a team need to collaborate today to accomplish our goals.

    16 SEP 2020
    Stay busy or become productive?
    Many of us often complain about not having enough time for all the things that we need to get done. We are just too busy running errands, ticking off checklists, responding to emails, attending meetings, putting out fires, while trying to juggle numerous projects and tasks all at the same time.
    Being busy gives people a false sense of purpose and significance. They feel as though they are being productive, but in reality, they are simply stuck in very limiting patterns of behavior that often lead to higher levels of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, frustration and emotional fatigue. Life becomes an endless struggle — very much like trying to chase down a train that has long left the station.
    5 steps to lead yourself from being busy to becoming productive:
  • Immediately Stop and Think what kinds of tasks, activities and/or behaviors are a waste of time.
  • Question the Activity, having recognized an unproductive activity, it’s critical now that you begin questioning the long-term consequences of the choices you have made.
  • Separate Yourself Physically and Emotionally, you may for instance choose to go for a quick walk around the block or just to another room. This walk will provide you with greater clarity and perspective so that you can view yourself within the situation in an unattached way.

  • Remind Yourself What’s Important what truly matters when you take into consideration your long-term goals and objective Take Immediate Action, identify the activity with the highest long-term payoffs and benefits, and begin working on it today without further delay.
    2 SEP 2020
    Have you considered Virtual Meetings?
    Next time you have a meeting with your client in another city, request them for a Skype call. Using latest technology, you can save a lot on travelling expenses. We push for a Skype call even when the meetings are within the same city. I understand that a first meeting is important and should be done face-to-face but all follow-up meetings can be done virtually.
    22 AUG 2020
    Check for unnecessary expenses.
    Many small-business owners end up with expenses over time that they no longer need. We recommend reviewing your budget with a magnifying glass and making sure all of your expenses are still necessary. For example, perhaps you purchased a magazine subscription a long time ago that you no one reads.
    Check all such expenses and get rid of unnecessary ones.
    7 AUG 2020
    Go Green and Save !
    Going green is not only a great PR move, it’s also a smart financial move, according to Shel Horowitz, author of ‘Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green: Winning Strategies to Improve Your Profits and Your Planet’.
    Horowitz recommends simple moves such as keeping equipment on a power strip and turning it off when not in use or replacing your existing printer with one that prints on both sides of the paper, thus reducing paper waste and cost.
    Since the object of many environmentally friendly changes is to save energy, and you have to pay for the energy your business uses, if you can reduce energy use you will also be reducing your costs.

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